Our "Wireless" Camera



The BEST "Wireless" Camera


HD 6 Megapixel IP Cameras with remote wireless internet connection

Our "WIRELESS" camera is actually a Mobotix 6 Megapixel IP camera connected to your

  network via Wireless Access Point antennas with a range of up to 3 miles line of sight


*   Much more dependable and secure than a wireless camera.

*   The image is just as clear and fast as if it were wired directly to the network.

*   Capable of sending camera images for up to 3 miles (line of sight between antennas)   

*   Perfect solution for parking lots and remote sites

*   Ability to piggyback multiple cameras on a single antenna

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Specialized video surveillance camera installation in Minneapolis, Minnesota and surrounding areas.  

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Silent Watchdog Video Surveillance


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